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Why Koh Phangan?

Koh Phangan?

Holina is a center for recovery and personal empowerment based upon our unique attitudes of combining positive holistic health with western technologies to create a rich and enveloping therapeutic model.

At Holina, the individual is treated as such and although most of our activities are experienced as a group, our treatment goals for each person are unique, though with the shared expectation – a 180 turn around in our lives as we seek to grow into long term recovery.  This is a wonderful and unique gift to ourselves.

addiction is not made out of nothing: it is the result of a long and consistent behavioural pattern

So what is needed to bring about change in such a profound behaviour?    
let’s see:
A welcoming, warm and supportive environment, which takes care of its residents, whilst they undergo their transformation. And that’s exactly what we do at Holina

Why Thailand? And why Koh Phangan?


It has always been considered useful for someone to attend a residential rehab in an environment they’re unfamiliar with, not least to avoid someone’s addictive mind telling them away from treatment and back into their dangerous activities. This would suggest taking advantage of a complete change of scenerysomewhere new and unfamiliar, but also some you feel safe and maybe even excited by

For over two 2 decades now the idea of going somewhere genuinely appealing has arisen and RehabTourism has evolved. In the USA originally it was heading to Florida, California, The Caribbean, etc, and for the UK & Europe, Spain and Portugal became popular. Destinations in the sunshine with good weather and swimming pools were usually selected. Choosing Rehab became about the destination and the facilities, as much as the therapeutic program.  We saw the emergence of the South African Rehab industry, who were offering low cost (due to the exchange rate) rehab in sunny climates with Safari expeditions as one of the features to attract interested Europeans. But South Africa still has its political instability and the continued segregation between the black and white populations, as well as the huge gaps between the wealthy and the poverty stricken, which can be hugely unpleasant for all visitors to see and witness. Then, over the past 10 years Thailand has become the number 1 destination globally for Rehab Tourism, for a many reasons, some of which are explained on this page.

Treatment in a location away from your home and work life ensures your discretion, privacy and confidentiality, which we know is a high priority for many of our residents. Being in a place so safe, comfortable and rewarding as Holina on the paradise Island of Koh Phangan will also go a great distance towards making Recovery really attractive. Furthermore, when attending treatment at Holina, in Koh Phangan, it becomes very easy to explain to your friends and colleagues that you’ve decided to go away on a vacation.  

Thailand’s Bangkok Airport is one of the world’s busiest hubs and receives multiple flights each day from almost all English speaking countries  such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, Middle East, etcBangkok is a super efficient international airport and makes the transfer to the short haul jump to Koh Samui very simple and straight forward. From Samui Airport we pick you up and bring you to Koh Phangan by speedboat directly to our resort. We assist you with all the arrangements to ensure you use the most direct and best best routes.



Amazing Thailand is one of the world’s greatest and most popular destinationsStaying with us at Holina will permit you to experience some of the very best of Thailand as well as feel like you’re on holiday, whilst having intense addiction treatment.  

The serenity that’s found in Thailand and on Koh Phangan in particular, is supplemented by its breathtaking landscape and scenery, with it’s gorgeous golden sand beaches and jungle mountain (more like large hills) terrain. Koh Phangan is further complemented by the Thai Buddhist culture mixed with the conscious community of westerners who live here all year around. Welcome to “The Land of Smiles. 
Whilst at Holina you will experience this mixture of Thai culture and Western Consciousness which makes Koh Phangan such an attractive environment all visitors.

Going for Rehab in Thailand, especially Koh Phangan, permits you to access great quality addiction treatment in a sunny and exotic location, surrounded by Thai Buddhist Culture and Western Consciousness. This is the perfect melting pot for 12 Step Addiction Recovery, producing so manypositive psychological benefits.


Thailand is recognized globally for its hospitality sector, and of course this is extended to all residents at Holina. Please don’t worry about speaking the Thai language, as all our Therapeutic staff speak primarily English, including our Thai staff. We also have Therapeutic staff who speak French and Hebrew. 


Holina is situated on a peninsula on the West coast of Koh Phangan, permitting for magnificent sunsets. It has a private beach and 2 large swimming pools, as well as ample grounds for walking and exploring. We have multiple Salas (open air structures with roofs and a breeze running through them) for all our activities, as well as a well-equipped Gym with our own Sauna. Furthermore, our schedule permits forweekly excursions including boat trips for snorkeling and scuba diving. Koh Phangan is known as one the world’s leading health and wellness destinations and for good reason. You will see for yourself why it’s such a healthy place to stay whilst you recover. 



Thailand is hot, humid, with differing climates between the north and the south. Koh Phangan is considered in the South and here its weather is largely the same all year around – sunny & hot. It does have a couple of months (October and November) which are considered the rainy season, but you’ll still find plenty of time to work on your tan, even during the 2 wet months. Koh Phangan weather is hugelystable and predictable all year around. The temperatures rarely go under 23*c / 74*f (at night) and almost never goes above 35*c / 95*f (during the day). Most days it’s in the high 20’s*c / low to mid 80*f and most people use Air-Conditioning or Fans at night whilst they sleep. 



Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to come to treatment in Thailand is the cost savings you’ll make. Addiction treatment in Thailand is low-cost / high-quality giving you the ‘best of both worlds.’ It is estimated that in the USA you would pay up to 5 times as much for a similar service in Florida or California. In Spain with its sunshine and warm climate, and in the UK, with its dreadful weather, you’d be paying  3 times as much just for a similar therapeutic service, and that’s before all the additional excursions and adventures that Holina and Koh Phangan has to offer. 
At Holina, 
you will pay a small fraction what you would pay elsewhere for a treatment program that now makes a full 12-week experience hugely affordable. 








This is what brought us to choose Koh Phangan (Ko Pha Ngan) which means “the land of the good life.”

No anxieties, hassles and fears. Removed from distractions and triggers. Take some time to get into the Recovery zone. Tensions, unresolved conflicts and unprocessed emotions maybe significant challenges for someone’s recovery. However, at Holina we make it possible and even probable that you’ll resolve these dark obsticles. As a new way emerges, a road towards your truer self is laid out, and the path becomes more and more appealing as we discover what we really get excited by in life and as the masks drop away.

Within the beauty of Koh Phangan’s beach, jungle and mountain landscapes, you can absolutely enjoy peace of mind and genuinely  connect with your own potential, through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process. 

Welcome to Holina – back to yourself.

During your stay with us at Holina, you’ll take your first steps towards your new life. And we are here for you like stabilisers on a bicycle. We will provide you with the optimal conditions for you to be able to devote yourself to the important work – the internal, the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical.

Advanced facilities and luxurious equipment in all areas of the center create a perfect environment where you can give your body the necessary relaxation, whilst we provide a program that will re-connect you with yourself and to others. 

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