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Types of Detox

Detox / Toxic Cleansing

Detox, also known as detoxification, is the first step in the recovery process for most drug and alcohol addictions.

The detox process cleanses our bodies of addictive chemicals, enabling patients to stabilize their physical and mental health to move into an inpatient or outpatient program.
During cleaning, the patient ceases to use the substance or substances to which he is addicted or gradually reduces the dose used (referred to as “tapering”) under medical supervision.

The result is that their bodies experience a setback, a series of painful, uncomfortable and often frightening symptoms, from desires to hallucinations.
In some cases, withdrawal symptoms such as seizures can also cause death, so professional and proper medical supervision is critical.

This is especially true of alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and opioid withdrawals.
During the withdrawal, medical intervention is often needed to keep the patient safe and comfortable. Some of the most common interventions include medication and treatment.

At Holina, we use a variety of detoxification methods that include – treating the enema, treating with the help of healthy smoothies to strengthen the patient’s body and immune system, treating needles, medical massage and the Buddhist sauna highlight

The Buddhist sauna is based on 12 medicinal plants that, according to Buddhist knowledge, have the purpose and secret of mixing it together and their slow cooking in the sauna. The plants evaporate and when the patient breathes them they clean all the toxins out of their body by a physical secretion.

It is a unique sauna that allows the patient to emerge as a new person full of energy and calm after 30 minutes of treatment, from the first treatment

Addictions within teenagers:

Addictions within the gay community:

Continuing treatment:

the real home is the home at heart. This is where you feel whole, belonging and connected.

Many people come to Holina with a clear goal: to stop suffering, and to experience a sense of true home, for many who remain with us to the ongoing process of development, creation and empowerment

What many do not know is that when suffering is over, only then does the true path of flourishing and prosperity begin, and even there we do not leave you alone.

Holina is a home for you even after the treatment is over.

In the process that takes place before the end of treatment, Holina will check for you, instead of backing up the right and effective treatment for continued support and work.

Support groups, treatment unit, ambulatory treatment center and / or therapist from your area. We are also at the Mother Center to be in contact with the patients during zoom calls and check your integration into the sword and family life.

We at Holina make sure we do everything so you can get back to yourself

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