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The first month
is the deepest

At Holina, we understand that the first week is the most challenging. As we detoxify from our substances or behaviours our mind can tell us plenty of insane thoughts, ideas and schemes. At this most critical of moments, Holina holds the space for our residents to go through this in as much comfort as possible. 

Detoxification is the first phase of any sustainable long-term recovery process. The body’s physical dependence is the most obvious symptom, as it controls the central nervous system and destroys core functions of the brain. But it is the behaviour that really must make drastic changes in order to achieve success. 


Physical dependence caused by the use in drugs, sedatives and medications such as heroin and oxycontin, benzodiazepines and others. Your body needs the time to detox itself from drug effects and leftovers in blood system. Process like this takes time.
However, drugs detoxification is not a full treatment.

That’s why we have created the most luxurious, soft, and relaxing environment: from cozy linen to luxurious bed, from smart TV and private swimming pool to the great attentive expert team and the room service staff.

All those allows the patient to focus on the main purpose: You.
We believe that the inner connection within the holistic process, is the one that ensures a key to long-term sustainable success and the creation of a new life established on well profound values.
come breathe with us.

detoxification is a concept used to describe an inner process. In this process, the destructive substances gradually leave the body and allow the body to go through regeneration process of blood vessels, cyclical activity and various body systems.

This process in which the addictive substances evacuate out of the body is not at all an easy one to go through. In fact, the detoxification sometimes seems to be the hardest part.

Throughout the period of the introduction of the toxic substances into the body, the various systems forced themselves to function despite a violation of the natural balance until they eventually develop a dependence on the existence of the drug in the blood. With the detox process, the addict’s body systems develop “withdrawal symptoms” – these withdrawal symptoms result from the body’s attempt to restore itself to balance. The rehab can be even be dangerous: In worst cases, rehab can cause seizures or a stroke. For these reasons, it is of the utmost importance to stay under the guidance of those who have experience.

Benefits of the rehab in Holina:

  • Support staff around the clock
  • Many years of experience and experience with detox processes from various substances
  • Supportive treatment system that includes medical support, physical therapy, yoga and meditation, proper nutrition, sports and other Significant measures
  • professional immediately response to every need
  • In case of danger, medical help is available immediately
  • Life routine preparation
  • tailor made treatment
  • Building a therapeutic path for optimal development and creating healthy foundations


Disadvantages of detoxification by yourself:

  • High chance for relapse
  • Life-threatens reduce the chances for success
  • no available medical response

detox process is designed to remove toxins from the vascular system and has ancillary effects. The drug treatment, the cleaning program and the patient’s medical assistance depend on the specific drug rehab.

Most detox rehabs take from several days to several weeks for complete toxins evacuation. Here, you’re Assisted by professionals, a supportive and empathic system, nutritious meals and a routine diet. withdrawal symptoms diminish when alternative medicines are used if necessary. In many cases the rehab process will require the intervention of substitutes such as methadone.

The Holina detox course is suitable for businesspeople, professionals, teens, adults with many commitments who cannot commit for a long-time treatment young and old, and others.

To enable the best rehab process, we combine a balanced and healthy diet while creating a routine that allows you to focus inward while disconnecting from the harmful sources. Detox Combines treatments including massage, sauna and acupuncture – cleaning the body from residual drug. At the same time as the release of the toxic substances from the body, we take care of the nourishment of the mind and spirit with the tools that will mislead them and stimulate the natural freshness of man, the curiosity and the joy that lies beneath the masks.

Alcohol detoxification is not as intense as the process of evacuation addictive drugs like heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs. However, the alcohol-detox process requires maximum attention, listening and lots of support. At the same time, it is imperative to be present in the presence of a psychiatrist who can respond to an emergency.

Most alcohol withdrawal processes take four days to two weeks where the toxins get out of the body and blood vessels at the initial level. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include nausea, shaking and tremors, intense sweat and uncontrollable anxiety.

In some cases, and according to a physician’s decision, certain medications are used to facilitate the rehab process. Also, a specialist can prescribe anticonvulsants. At the same time, the medical and therapeutic staff is available to patients at any time and whenever necessary because at the most difficult moments, we are here for you.

Eating disorders constitute a different addiction from substance or alcohol addiction because they mostly based on active human behaviour. However, overeating provides the same effect that the drugs and alcohol provide in the brain.

Here in Holina, you get all the necessary conditions to disengage from the destructive habits and maintain the cleanliness of compulsive eating and / or compulsive eating. You’ll meet people just like you, with whom you will be able to share your secrets, your thoughts, your fears and hopes.

The first month includes intake, a meeting with a nutritionist, setting up sports programme, individual and group treatments according to your personal needs and more.

We are here for you. We know the fears and therefor, we don’t squeeze the sore corners. Step by step, we will emerge from the dark place to safe and protective places to allow you rediscover yourself.

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