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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Treatment for anxiety and trauma.

Stress and anxiety may cause aggravation of addiction, and on the other hand, addiction can exacerbate anxieties associated with anxiety.
For example, the signs of anxiety can aggravate addiction as well as increase the effects of certain drugs.

Similarly, some drugs, especially stimulants, can cause paranoid worries, anxiety and fears.
Many of the diagnosed addicts suffer from dual morbidity, which seems complex in many aspects, so in order for treatment to be effective and effective, it must be comprehensive with distinction and consideration of both aspects at the same time


As a matter of fact, dual morbidity and addiction are fairly common things and so many addicts are dealing with both depression and addiction at the same time.
Anxiety and addiction are a combination that goes together and is often the result of trauma that is carried away from childhood or an extreme and traumatic event in adulthood.

Dual morbidity can also include drug addiction combined with an eating disorder, schizophrenia or other emotional disorder that requires attention.
At Holina, we have a unique approach in the field of weaning, including treatment, a water treatment method for anxiety.

This method has been adopted by the Israeli and world-renowned sea soldiers, who advocate that we are capable of moving beyond what our brains tell us.
What do you mean, for example, in a state of drowning, the person underwater is safe to die after a few seconds without taking a breath.


The brain instills in the body commands as a result of anxiety, which tells us that we are on the verge of death, as a result of which the systems go wild and undergoes tremendous and paralyzing fear.
In practice, a person can survive 3 minutes underwater without taking air and staying alive.

Therefore, those soldiers believe that one way of preventing fear of drowning in the sea warriors is to actually drown them and thus bring them together with the fear of themselves.


Undoubtedly, coping and facing fear is the hardest thing, so at Holina, we will also take care of the support, containment and warmth that our patients need, in order to get back to themselves.

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